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8 thoughts on “ Drop The Dunny ”

  1. Sep 29,  · , Christopher Milne, "The Boy Who Lived in a Dunny" in The Day Our Teacher Went Mad and Other Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls, p. ‘Until you wake up to yourself, you can live in the old dunny for all I care.’ ‘All right, I will,’ said Tony. (Australia and New Zealand slang) Any other place or fixture used for urination and defecation: a latrine; .
  2. Australian term for any toilet. Dude, we have to go back to the house. I forgot my mask and I can't get into Costco without it. Man, you are becoming maskadaisical!
  3. The dunny man came once a week, to these buildings out the back, Keep Safe on the roads and out there (Including drop dunnies) A very close relative to the old outside dunny. _____ Live Life On Your Terms. DOUG Chief One Feather.
  4. Jul 2, - Dunny, outhouse, thunderbox, crapper, the long drop, privy - just a few of the many names attached to that dreaded necessary usually isolated architectural convenience! They come in many colors and styles but all have one purpose! Some are pure art, but most are basic and rustic, classic in themselves pins.
  5. Would you like to know about “dunny”? Q: Yes please! Lay it on me so to speak. A: It dates from the early s, Scottish in origin, from dung + ken (house) to give “dunnekin” as another name for the outhouse. Once the toilet moved inside, Australians and New Zealanders dropped the kin and kept with the dunny.
  6. The Long Drop Aussie Dunny (GC3D7E6) was created by Makkas on 2/26/ It's a Small size geocache, with difficulty of , terrain of It's located in Victoria, Australia.A small black round container with a log only so need a pen.
  7. Apr 07,  · The dunny was a humble wooden box with a door you shut by turning a wooden toggle, galvanised tin roofing, a wooden seat, a large tin can underneath and a hinged door at the back. A nail on which to hang the dunny paper, which consisted of squares of torn up newspaper, completed the kit.
  8. Keith Haring Masterpiece Three Eyed Face 8" Dunny Art Figure $ New. Misfits "The Fiend" Madballs Foam Horrorballs by Kidrobot $ New. Jean-Michel Basquiat Masterpiece Pez Dispenser 8" Dunny Art Figure $ New. Marvel Bro Thor Phunny Plush by.

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