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  1. Usama M. Mahmoud's 37 research works with citations and 9, reads, including: Histopathological and ultrastructure studies on hepatotoxicity of arsenic in Clarias gariepinus (Burchell,
  2. Clarias sp. CD Clarias sp. DDPKIBL Clarias sp. ED Clarias sp. IP Clarias sp. J37 Clarias sp. LO Clarias sp. MS Clarias sp. NM Clarias sp. PKDDIBL Clarias sp. PKIBL Clarias sp. PKUASIBL Clarias sp.
  3. Le deuxième enregistrement "Clarias & Co go Romantic" avait pour fil conducteur la musique romantique avec certaines transcriptions réalisées pour l'occasion, mettant en évidence deux solistes invités au violon Laetitia Cellura et au chant Alain Gahima. Ce deuxième disque a remporté l'Octave de la musique "Point Culture" en
  4. Apart from oxidative stress-mediated toxicity, Cd is also known to cause deleterious effects by deactivating DNA repair activity The decrease in the cholesterol and glucose level in Clarias gariepinus exposed to the heavy metals contradicts the findings of Nath K, et al. and James R, et al. who reported that blood glucose and cholesterol levels rise in response to toxicants,
  5. The accumulation of cadmium (Cd) was studied in an experimental aquatic food chain involving the phytoplankton Chlorella vulgaris as the primary producer, the zooplankton Moina macrocopa as the primary consumer, and the catfish Clarias macrocephalus  ×  Clarias gariepinus .
  6. Nwani CD, Somdare JA, Ukonze VC, Ejere AO, Nwadinigwe JC, et al. () Subchronic exposure to fenthion induce hematological changes in African catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell ). Journal of Aquatic Animal Health
  7. Jun 30,  · Abstract Levels of Zn, Cu, Cd, As, and Pb in the kidney, Liver, Gills and Heart of African cat fish (Clarias gariepinus) from the Ogun River in Ogun State located close to six major industries in the South Western part of Nigeria, were determined using Bulk Scientific Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.

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